Recover user password

Through this option a user can retrieve the user name and password entered when registering, if only he remembers the e-mail address registered in the system. The password recovery process includes the following steps:

1.    The user navigates to the authentication page and selects the linkI forgot my password”.

2.     A form appears where the e-mail address entered during registration is required.


3.    The user fills-in the e-mail address and the required alphanumeric figures in the Captcha control area.  The system automatically sends him an e-mail, with the user name and a hyperlink to change the password.

4.     The user selects this specific hyperlink through the mail client or copies the hyperlink and pastes it on a web browser. In this way, the user navigates to a new password registration form.


5.     In this form, the user can register a new password, which shall be used to access the application.